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Stainless Steel Helmet in 14Ga  (500 Dollars including Stainless steel Avential)

*Strap will be under Chin, 12Ga top available for 100 additional)


Lamellar Stainless Steel 16 Ga plates Shoulders and Tassets Included (550 Dollars)


Stainless Steel Hauberk (550)


Stainless Steel Splinted Vambraces (Forearm Protection) (150 Dollars)


Stainless Steel Splinted Shin Protection (150 Dollars)


Stainless Steel Elbows and Knees (200 Dollars)



If you would like to order a portion of this kit without the additional items send us a message.  We can reduce the cost of the kit by the amount following each item.

Stainless Steel Varangian Guard Kit (SCA Armor)

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