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**Titanium on sale for 650... down from normal price 800!!**

16ga 301 Stainless Steel


Warlords are made to order.  They are listed as "In Stock" so that may order them through this site.


We build to your Custom Measurements (use the graphic provided and send us your measurements in the comments, note the "Hand Width" truly means all the way around the hand at the widest point)


Roughly a 90 day delivery time. (Could be faster or slower depending on holidays)


After much research and feedback we now offer the Warlords!

With a Wisby Style Cuff that maximizes protection with comfort and combat performance.

Perfect for "Stealth Gauntlets."

Tell your Viking Friends, and all Early Kits!

Available in Spring Steel (add only 100) with dark brown finish to appear as gloves! Also can be a blackened.

Enclosed thumbs, armored finger tips, excellent articulation with tight grip design.

Generation 4, The Warlords (SCA Armor)

SKU: 02
  • We produce the Warlords with the finest materials, and the most excellent articulation you can find.

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